Sword of JoshuaSword of JoshuaSword of Joshua
Sword of Joshua Sword of Joshua THE HISTORY OF GOD'S TRUE CHURCH
Presented here are the exact same messages first delivered in 1986 to the Worlwide Church of God. These are first and foremost, a chronicle of history yet its pages are riddled with prophecy for the true believer.
  • The Letter to Laodicea - The website documenting the first and only true warning delivered in 1986 before the Church broke into smaller and smaller pieces.

  • The Hidden Years - How the Worldwide Church of God was destroyed internally by its own ministers, thereby instigated the end-time SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST.
Sword of Joshua Sword of Joshua IN MOURNING AFTER 25 YEARS

Rather than ignore the unpleasant and painful events of the past, a complete and honest examination should be undertaken so that the lessons of that history can be uncovered and applied to the present. “Failure to do so will only mean that we will end up making the same mistakes, as our present circumstances clearly confirm.”

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Sword of Joshua Sword of Joshua MOUNT CARMEL CHALLENGE, N.T.

With schisms the norm, the good days of brethren dwelling together in unity are long gone. What unity there was has vanished into thin air. Today, it is all U-Pick: You pick the leader; you pick the church (or churches); you pick whatever way you like. There is such a state of disorder and divergence that some members are just wandering around, doing their own thing and having church their way. These are the wretched, profane consequences, decades in the making, of looking for God in all the wrong places.

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