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MOVE OVER NOSTRADAMUS: Personal Bible Prophecy Rating

Copyright © Jules Dervaes

February 25, 2008


Truth is the cry of all, but the game of few. ~ Bishop Berkeley ~

Rating Personal Prophecies of:

Seven Eras
Four Horsemen
The Beast
Mark of the Beast
Sealed 144,000
False Prophet
Two Witnesses
Scarlet Woman

God does not spoon-feed His people.  He knew that giving answers ahead of time would not foster the adult development He wishes to see in us.  But He does give us the ENTIRE Bible from our perspective of 6,000 years of human history to be able to conclude what we should be doing NOW.

I do not want to be guilty of giving answers to others without an adult struggle by them.  I do not want to step in and play the answer man where God Himself has remained purposely silent.  But I am willing to point others who are searching for TRUTH in the RIGHT direction, helping them conclude for THEMSELVES the TRUTH.

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