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October 9, 2008

So many years now. So terrible an ongoing tragedy. Have you really not noticed that the new churches (by the hundreds now) “of God”—whatever fresh adjective is affixed—have failed to deliver one iota of new understanding as coming from God, even though the world today is desperately in need of the strongest warning sent by God? These groups would have you believe that He is sitting out this most critical era in humanity’s existence.

Some are content just to play it safe while mimicking the old-time, Armstrong original. Beating the drums to attract giddy dancers, others spin prophecies so old they have become a broken record. One even has retreated into isolation, erecting castle walls to keep its tithe-payers from getting any ideas and leaving. The plain truth is that all are puny and pathetic churches of Man.

Are you tired of playing church yet? Will you give up chasing the fantasy of truth by the increase in numbers of men and forsake embracing the illusion of salvation through obedience to men? Since you have become so accustomed to your precious Peter Pan churches, you balk at the requirement to grow up ASAP. Having lived the comfy life in your cozy Sun City churches, you resist the call to get up and work without ceasing. The tragic truth is that today’s church “of God” members will not work for Him.

All along, since 1986, your own ministers have fooled you. And, what about you, will this shock you? You have taken a liking to their fooling ways; for, with their requiring so very little of you, there was only enjoyment to fill your Saturday club meetings. Just how burdensome was it to carry out their mighty command to “watch and wait”? Most of your time (cumulatively, as a group, adding up to many millions of man-hours) was spent talking and, especially, talking about prophecy.

Where do you find in the Bible that knowledge of the Bible is what God requires of you? Honestly, do you really believe salvation can be that easy? Then, why did Jesus have to die? Being in the know is about your feeling right; possessing answers to mysteries pertains to your being satisfied. None of these human endeavors is about pleasing God. You do not get the simple, spelled-out truth that there is absolutely no pleasing Him without faith.

Just because you can be fooled, do you think God can be? You seek to present your righteous beliefs and behavior before God; yet, He will accept only the rubbish of who you are. It is advanced foolishness to be sure that you are OK in the church and to feel secure that you have found God. That state of mind and that condition of heart being fostered in Christians is THE GREAT LIE promulgated by seditious ministers who seek to seduce you. The pure truth is:  A God found in a church is no God at all.

False Christianity is a bright, primrose path, offering pleasantness today but leading to horrific consequences in due time. Do you think that you can spot false religion based on doctrines? That is a child’s game. It is so simple-Simon to see yourself as looking good by nailing others for their wrong beliefs. This artificial goodness belies your status in the eyes of God who is looking for the realness of a corrupt heart in need of saving by faith.

In faith, are you risking man’s (including church members’ and ministers’ alike) rejection to reach God’s higher standards? In faith, do you struggle by taking the difficult path where human rewards are not forthcoming and where you might reap penalties instead? In faith, will you, as an adult, labor to begin the physical Kingdom of God on this earth, as working at your worldly job? By your wish to leave this preparatory work to God, don’t you realize you are taking yourself right out of His plan? You—yes, you!—kill your chance at salvation by forfeiting your opportunity to prove how faith-full you can be.

Jesus Christ Himself asked whether He would find faith upon His return. The question is directed to the Church for good reason. After baptism—a giant leap of faith out of the old— there is no more leaping, only the staying put in the new. With second generation (and beyond) Christians, there is not even that first great leaving of prior ways since their aim is to remain in the church. Intent on confirming an already established lifestyle, church members by inheritance do not experience the faith dynamic of dying to an old pattern and being born to a new way.

Faith is the X-factor needed to instigate and complete change. When you physically leave something, when there is something physical to let go of, there is direct, external evidence that you have exercised faith. Living in the status quo that exists within the confines of a church would patently check the use of faith. There would be no great growing of faith unless the church itself, within its sacred framework, makes unrestricted room for the R&D of faith, so that its members could heed the admonition “Use-It or Lose-It.”

It is right that biblically proven, fundamental, and crucial doctrines be cast in stone and never abandoned, so that unity at the core will always prevail. Yet there exist understandings, interpretations, and traditions that are of wood. Being a product of the times and circumstances, these auxiliary beliefs should be held as transitory and, thus, dropped when expired or outgrown. It is wrong to use the elixir of conformity to retard what should be normal advancement in faith.

What would you do if you were presented with a surefire way to find what is the truth? Would you weep for joy that, once and for all, the gaggle of voices will be stilled? There will be no doubt about what is the Word of God because the end will come for the reign of the impostors, when they will be exposed as wolves for all to see. The poly-churches with their inherent divisiveness will be no more. Who would not want—who would not hunger—for ONENESS IN TRUTH?

The phony shepherds do not want to quit their game; they, who need you to feed them with your tithes, are hungry for jobs. The slick salvation salesmen of the WCG birthed bastard organizations so that they could keep conducting business as usual, with themselves now free to occupy CEO positions. Promiscuous insider traders of bogus Kingdom Treasury bonds pocket lifelong salaries as they swindle ambitiously naïve investors eager to lay up quick, eternal nest eggs.

The “victims” of such hypocrisy continue to enjoy the riches of their worldly church, all the while being fleeced by their blind managers who have made them twice as much the children of hell than they. And, now these members have become phony sheep, looking to man, not God, for guidance. They do not want to quit their own game; they are hungry for ease, comfort, and license.

This is the time of calling out the serpents, the generation of vipers. Such a purge is long overdue. By a process conducted out in the open and under God, the spiritual cancer of delusion which is devouring the church can be excised completely. The solution is so right it is found in the pages of the Bible; it is so bold as to call on God to decide who is really who they say they are. His Word revealed will be used to drive the hirelings out of business. “See, your house is left to you, desolate.” (Matt. 23:38)

Therefore, you are most certainly under the gun. The chances of your qualifying to do THE WORK grow slimmer each day that your eyesight grows dimmer to THE LIGHT. It will only get more painful for you to open your eyes to what you have missed for so long and realize how much personal redemption you have to account for. It is late, but you must squarely face your mounting debt now. Only by first acknowledging the full extent of your losses can you begin to balance the books.

What is required is a real demonstration of faith by you personally, by you openly. Children on seeing a doctor are given treats of lollipops. You have wanted and waited for more sweet knowledge, so that you can proceed safely forward, avoiding any painful trials. Such Bible candy is not good—not eternally healthful—if you seek to mature as a Christian. Without the lollipops of knowledge, you must decide before any final outcome. Faith is in the choosing ahead of time, so proof would deprive you of this rare, priceless opportunity to develop adult faith.

Now is the time for all church members to stand up and take sides, choosing good or evil, the real or the phony. Taking a wait-and-see position, being a bystander, will mean that you no longer even follow the Bible. (See Deut. 30:19) Be forewarned: With this letter, the count-down to the showdown has begun. Alert your family and your friends.

More details will follow after the Feast of Tabernacles.

[Continued at “Mount Carmel Challenge, N.T.“]

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