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February 24, 2008

This list is proof that all the top ministers, as well as many others, knew exactly what was happening to the church from the very beginning, in 1987 and 1988. Those under Mr. Tkach back then had the opportunity to rescue the flock from being led away by a false shepherd; but they were concerned instead with saving their necks. These leader would like you to believe they were ignorant. They were not; they were scared.

So blinded were they by the light of truth that they cowered for year after year in the darkness, hoping that the light would go away. Only when safe opportunities presented themselves and they found it worth their while, did many come out to of the woodwork. Then, they did not begin to help the flock so much as they helped themselves to the flock, to the ripe plum, which was their monies.

These who are still feasting on the scattered, bewildered sheep do not realize that Mr. Tkach’s apostasy was God’s end-time test to discover who under him were the true servants and who were the hirelings. All the ministers listed here flunked as God’s servants and, unless they repent, they will to the end of their days be haunted by this, their dirty little secret.

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