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IMPORTANT!Since 1986, this literature has been free upon request. However, with the new format of the books The Letter to Laodicea and The Hidden Years, there has been a significant increase in the cost of printing.

A small “at cost fee” will be charged in order to cover some of what we have to pay in order for you to read the truth (you can request a copy of the publishing invoice for proof of this charge). As always, we do not make any profit at all from this work. You have a choice when you purchase a book: After reading the book, either keep it, pass it on, OR send it back in like new condition for a refund (minus shipping charges).

To download these books for FREE, please visit these pages: download The Letter to Laodicea | download The Hidden Years

The Hidden Years $10.00

The Letter to Laodicea $5.00

CD / The Hidden Years & The Letter to Laodicea $1.00

If you have any questions or prefer to order your literature over the phone, please call: 626-795-8400