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February 23, 2008

The purpose of this book THE HIDDEN YEARS (which is a collection of writings, the main portion of them from Feb. 1986 to approximately 1988) is to help us understand where we have been, the mistakes we’ve made, so we ALL may move forward to the future. Unfortunately, many people today, who are expressing similar ideas, are stuck with “rehashing the past” and useless criticism, offering no real solution.

Publishing this book with its given historical perspective can not be considered “rehashing the past.” First, the past must be known in order to rehash it. In this case the complete and true story has NEVER been told. This book is a focused, accurate account of one man’s struggle and the start of the FIRST worldwide work of warnings as evidenced by his personal letters and messages. These show one man’s fight against hypocrisy and blindness. From my experience in the WCG, it is plain to me more than ever that there was only an intellectual program being promoted (since 1974 when I was baptized). I fought against those mind games after I woke up to the danger. Some of these battles are recorded in the book containing my letters. Therein, too, are found the “hidden” solutions of the many problems that are being encountered today. But independent agendas are the order of the day.

In addition, if all history, no matter how unpleasant, is rehashing the past, what is the purpose of the Bible? Aren’t we all encouraged to read the Bible in order to learn from the lessons contained therein? The Bible (and ALL world history) is full of unpleasant happenings; yet we still read it for our own good and understanding. Consider a well- known saying: “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” Even, in the case of a physical disease of a patient, a good doctor always traces and examines the past history of the patient in order to determine the prognosis and to prescribe the correct treatment. And so, isn’t this history and “correct treatment” of the Last Era of God’s people/church even more important and should be regarded as indispensable?

To understand today, to know what direction to take for the future, we MUST analyze, search and understand the past. Had we as members done the proper analysis early on, there would have been no splinter organizations and the harm which we have all experienced could have been AVOIDED. The only thing we can understand accurately is the past on which the present and future can be built.

With the demise of the WCG it left a vacuum where stability once existed. In the aftermath there has been a free-for-all frenzy with scavengers fighting over the scraps of the corpse. I understand that under these trying circumstances insecurity will abound. But, when we are able to see that we have lost something that we once valued, we MUST return to the point at which we lost it.

We are ALL lost. Our only hope is to admit it and, then, work–struggle and sacrifice–together to bring about a RESCUE. We all must commit to this effort, for we each are our brother’s keeper.

Written by Jules Dervaes 1999

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